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Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services is the leading locally owned tow truck company in the Ben Lomond, CA. We are committed to offering outstanding customer service while transporting your car, RV, or equipment securely!

Every day of the week, without fail, you can reach us at (831) 609-9748 for towing and roadside help!

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For more than 7 years, Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services has been able to offer prompt and reliable towing services throughout Ben Lomond, CA. We have the newest trucks and machinery, giving us a competitive advantage over other businesses. You won’t need to search any farther than us if you’re looking for high-quality towing and roadside assistance at a reasonable price since we want you to be safe and stress-free.

Professional Personnel

Our team consists of experts with superior knowledge, skills, and professionalism who are dedicated to producing top-notch work.

Quality Customer Care

We're available to help! As soon as you contact us, our staff will take care of everything. You may relax knowing that our team is working hard to satisfy all of your towing needs and give you the best service possible.

Affordable Towing Service

Contact Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services right away for towing and roadside assistance. You don’t have to worry about the service rate when you hire us because we only charge a very fair quote!

Quick Response

We’re the ideal firm to call whenever you need assistance because our services are available around the clock. Don’t think twice about giving us a call; we’ll always be available for your requirements!



Whether you've experienced a total busted tire or battery failure, our efficient light duty towing service is here to help you get back on the road quickly and safely.


You know how important it is to always have access to a reliable towing service whether you own a medium-duty truck or another commercial vehicle. Whether you need assistance with a breakdown, an accident, or just a regular transport, our knowledgeable medium-duty towing company can help.


If you need heavy-duty towing services, Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services can handle the job safely, competently, and quickly. You can rely on our friendly and experienced crew to show up in 30 minutes or less when you call us for a heavy duty.


The fact is that you may have your automobile safely and affordably towed by employing a wheel lift towing business. So if you need a wheel lift towing service, call Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services for qualified assistance.


We specialize in flatbed towing services for all-wheel-drive vehicles, ensuring a safe and damage-free transport on your vehicle.

Roadside Assistance

There's no need to worry much whenever you require a roadside assistance for Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services exist and operate around-the-clock. Among the many roadside assistance services we offer are winch out, battery replacement, gasoline delivery, and help with lockouts. We're here to make it as easy as possible for you to start driving again.

Get Your Towing Appointment Today!

Do not hesitate to call us if you need a towing service. Since we have been offering excellent towing service for over 7 years, our team is highly knowledgeable and proficient in towing different makes and models of vehicles. We are happy to help and always have a fleet of vehicles ready.

What Our Clients Say

We are committed to accomplishing success in every task we do. Since we only aim to provide our clients with top-notch service that meets or exceeds their expectations, we carefully monitor our fleets and wrecks.

"Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services was really knowledgeable and helpful. I would definitely use them again, and the price set for the service is just right!"
Cattleya Whitaker
Towing Customer
"They were prompt and helpful. From my house to the repair business, my automobile was towed. If necessary, I would give them another call."
Ryan Sutton
Towing Customer
"My battery needs to be jump-started. My car was jumped by Melecio Auto Fast Towing Services in less than 15 minutes after the service call. Great mechanics and service!"
Johnny Burton
Jump Start Customer